Chris Hurt

Hi I'm Chris Hurt, welcome to my site. I'm a software engineer for Lockheed Martin, and I graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2019 with a BS in computer science and a minor in math. During my time at VT, I participated in a couple of research projects and spent the summer of 2018 interning at the National Institutes of Health. My favorite hobby is learning and making music. Check out some of my projects below!

Zebrafish Brain Browser

I spent the summer of 2018 developing the Zebrafish Brain Browser in the Burgess Lab at the National Institutes of Health. The brain browser serves as an online visualization tool for zebrafish transgenic lines scanned within the Burgess Lab and other labs. It features 2D slicer viewports in all three dimensions and a 3D volume viewport. Users of the brain browser can select and view multiple lines, modify color values of each line, view anatomical structures in the brain, search the brain for particular features, and more.

Zebrafish Brain Browser:

Publication featuring the brain browser:

More on the project:

Zebrafish Brain Browser



PairWise is a research project conducted by the Crowd Intelligence Lab at Virginia Tech. The study aims to find political biases in online content moderation and investigates a few techniques for mitigating these biases through user accountability. I helped with the project during my last two semesters at VT by developing the frontend HTML5 interface for study participants and the backend Python/PostgreSQL framework for data collection and participant workflow. A paper submission was made to the HCOMP 2019 conference where it won the Best Work-In-Progress/Demo Award (out of 25 submissions)!

The demo submission to HCOMP 2019:

More on this project and others from the Crowd Intelligence Lab:

Game Development

Video game and game engine development has been an interest of mine since high school. I've created several games and game engines as hobby projects using the Java standard libraries, OpenGL in Java and C++, and Unity. I've also participated in eight Ludum Dare competitions, which are 72-hour hackathons in which participants create games from scratch.

My Ludum Dare submissions:

My GitHub page featuring several of my game-related projects:

Game development



I began playing guitar in September 2019, bass in July 2020, and piano in July 2021. I primarily play electric guitar with interests in rock and metal genres, and I play lead guitar in the Centreville United Methodist Church praise band. I'll occasionally create song covers and other music projects and upload them to YouTube. Go check out my channel!

My YouTube channel:

Centreville United Methodist Church's YouTube channel: